KWEA Collection Systems Committee

Objectives and Goals

The Kansas Water Environment Association Collection Systems Committee’s objectives are to provide information to the Association’s membership regarding collection systems topics and issues. The committee shall strive to inform collection systems workers, as well as management, on the following topics:

  • Ongoing operation and maintenance.
  • Rehabilitation and repair technology.
  • Training and certification of collection systems personnel.
  • Safety issues.
  • Proper management of collection systems.
  • Current and future state and federal regulations.

Activities and Duties

The Collection Systems Committee shall conduct, but not be limited to, the following activities:

  • Evaluate and encourage certification programs for collection systems personnel, whether voluntary or mandatory.
  • Coordinate safety issues with the KWEA Safety Committee.
  • Inform the Association membership on collection systems topics by the following methods:
    • Coordinate the collection systems technical session at the KWEA annual conference with the Program Committee.
    • Conduct and coordinate with seminar and workshop committees on workshops concerning collection systems issues.
  • Honor and recognize individuals and municipalities for their involvement with and contributions to collection systems through the Golden Manhole Society, the Association’s Collection Systems Award Program, and the WEF National Awards Program.
  • Submit articles and information for publication in the Association’s newsletter Splashings.
  • Complete quarterly reports and submit them to the board liaison by the end of each quarter.
  • Complete and submit an annual report to the Vice President on the committee's activities at least 30 days prior to the annual meeting. The Vice President will compile the committee annual reports, distribute them to the Board, and turn them over to the new Vice President for use in assessing changes for the next program year.

Awards Subcommittee

The Awards Subcommittee’s objective is to recognize municipalities for outstanding and significant contributions in the field of wastewater collection. These contributions include maintenance, training, safety, and compliance programs that exceed the standards of the industry.

Golden Manhole Subcommittee

The Golden Manhole Society Award Subcommittee’s objective is to recognize professional contributions to the collection system field.

National Issues Subcommittee

The National Issues Subcommittee’s objective is to inform the KWEA Collection Systems Committee of relevant national collection issues and events.

Publications Subcommittee

The Publications Subcommittee’s objective is to coordinate all the Collection System Committee's publication needs.

Technology Transfer Subcommittee

The Technology Transfer Subcommittee’s objective is to serve as a resource to KWEA members for current technologies related to methods and materials for construction and renewal of sanitary sewer facilities.

Training & Safety Subcommittee

The Training & Certification Subcommittee’s objectives are to promote collection system training programs and voluntary certification for collection system operators and to coordinate safety issues with the KWEA Safety Committee, serving to inform collection system workers on issues directly concerning their jobs.

Collection Systems Committee Upcoming Events