KWEA / ABC Certification Requirements

Prior to taking a certification examination, an individual must meet four requirements:

  1. Must be currently employed by a water, wastewater, or industrial treatment facility.
  2. Must have a high school diploma or GED.
  3. Must have the required minimum number of years of experience for the class of examination desired.
  4. Must have acquired the minimum number of points for the class of examination desired. Points are awarded based on experience, education, and training.
Experience Required
Class Required Points Required Experience
I 13.0 1 Year
II 14.0 1 Year
III 16.0 2 Years
IV 18.0 2 Years


Points Required
Training/Education Credit Hours Experience Points
1 Day of Training 6 0.0
2 Days of Training 10 0.25
KDHE Annual School (2 Days) 10 0.25
KDHE Annual School (3 Days) 15 0.50
High School Diploma or GED   12.00
College: Each Year or 30 Credit Hours   1.00
Operating Experience*   1.00
Cal State University Courses / Volume   1.00
Approved Semester-Long Courses 54 1.50
Approved 2-Year Water Tech Degree   6.00
Approved Training Contact Hours 40 1.00
Approved In-House Training** 5 0.0

* Must be full-time on the job and involved in daily operations.
** Only 5 hours of in-house training is accepted toward renewal.

Once the minimum requirements are met, the individual must submit an examination application form and examination fee to KWEA. For information on the dates and location of examinations, view the current training calendar.