KWEA Public Communications & Outreach Committee

Objectives and Goals

The Kansas Water Environment Association Public Communication & Outreach Committee’s objective is to promote the general public’s understanding and respect for the value of water and the services water professionals provide to communities. This goal is achieved by using a variety of communication tools and platforms, supporting educational activities for children and adults, partnering with agencies and organizations, and hosting other public-facing activities.

Activities and Duties

Committee activities shall include, but not be limited to:

  • Meet at least four (4) times per year to provide a forum for discussion of promoting the value of water, planning outreach, and hosting public-facing events.
  • Provide articles and information for publishing in Splashings.
  • Complete quarterly reports and submit them to the board liaison by the end of each quarter.
  • Complete and submit an annual report to the Vice President on the committee's activities at least 30 days prior to the annual meeting. The Vice President will compile the committee annual reports, distribute them to the Board, and turn them over to the new Vice President for use in assessing changes for the next program year.

Public Education Subcommittee

The Public Education Subcommittee’s objective is to ensure that all members receive proper continuing education credit for attending and/or participating in Association activities. The Committee will work to identify all certification requirements and maintain procedures that will ensure members receive proper credit with each licensing or accreditation agency.

Publicity / WEF Awards Subcommittee

The Publicity/WEF Awards Subcommittee’s objective is to promote the activities of the Association to the Water Environment Association, other professional and technical organizations, and the public at-large. The Committee shall promote activities of the Association, its members, and the Water Environment Association through available media and by providing information to all activities which support the goals of the Association.