KWEA Laboratory Committee

Objectives and Goals

The Kansas Water Environment Association Laboratory Committee’s objectives are to promote and maintain the highest standards of wastewater treatment laboratory performance and practice throughout the State of Kansas. The Committee is open to professionals representing municipal and industrial laboratories, equipment suppliers and manufacturers, members of regulatory agencies, and any other KWEA members interested in laboratory operations. Committee members will maintain an awareness of innovations and changes in the water quality laboratory field and advise the membership of KWEA of changes that may impact the operation of wastewater laboratories in the State. The Committee will offer assistance to laboratory personnel in any way possible to achieve and maintain high quality laboratory operations.

Activities and Duties

The Laboratory Committee shall conduct, but not be limited to, the following activities:

  • Meet at least four (4) times annually to provide a forum for discussion of laboratory issues.
  • Provide input to KDHE and EPA on appropriate laboratory testing requirements, appropriate procedures, and policies.
  • Host a technical track at the KWEA annual conference focusing on laboratory practices and laboratory operations issues.
  • Coordinate activities with the Kansas Laboratory Education Association and Kansas Educational Training System (KETS) to ensure the highest standards of laboratory education are available throughout the State and provide opportunities for certification.
  • Provide articles and information related to laboratory, sampling, and testing issues for publication in Splashings.
  • Complete quarterly reports and submit them to the board liaison by the end of each quarter.
  • Complete and submit an annual report to the Vice President on the committee's activities at least 30 days prior to the annual meeting. The Vice President will compile the committee annual reports, distribute them to the Board, and turn them over to the new Vice President for use in assessing changes for the next program year.