stillwell award winner 2018 aaron witt2018 Stillwell Award Recipient – Aaron Witt

Raymond E. Stillwell Award

The Raymond E. Stillwell Award recognizes a prolonged history of outstanding efforts in the operation, maintenance, management, or design of a wastewater collection system and in the individual's commitment of KWEA and all of its related activities.

This award is named after the last recipient from the state of Kansas who was awarded the National Collection System Award.

The selected recipient will have the opportunity to be nominated for the annual WEF National Collection System Award.


The award recipient exemplifies the dedication essential to continuously improving a wastewater system's capability to adequately, cost-effectively, and safely service his/her community's ongoing wastewater collection needs and the dedication necessary to sustain the activities of KWEA.


Nominations are accepted from KWEA members. Members should submit a one-page biography of their selection and reasons why they feel the person is deserving of this prestigious award.


July 1

Past Recipients of This Prestigious Award

2018 Aaron Witt
2017 Ron Thomann
2016 Rick Nelson
2015 Roxann Slater
2013 Pat Flynn
2012 Chris Burns
2010 Martha Tasker
2009 Bill Carter