Quarter Century Operator Award

The Quarter Century Operator Club is an informal group composed of active or corporate members of the federation who have been engaged in wastewater treatment plant operation for at least 25 years. The club was created under the sponsorship of Frank Woodbury Jones, who served as its registrar.


  • Must be a member of WEF and one of its member associations or a recognized operator's association.
  • Must be in operations at least 25 years before applying for membership and must have been an operator for at least 10 years during a total of at least 25 years of full-time, significant participation in some substantial aspect of water pollution control (military service excepted).

An operator is defined as a person actively involved in the hands-on, day-to-day operation, maintenance, or management in wastewater transportation or treatment works.


Nominations are accepted from KWEA members. The nomination is to be mailed or emailed to the secretary-treasurer of the Kansas Water Environment Association. The nominations will be reviewed and sent on to the Water Environment Federation.


July 15

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Past Recipients of This Prestigious Award

2021 David Firsching
2018 Kurt Bookout
Dustin Coles
Jeff Graham
Randall Harris
Richard Martinez
Nicholas Ortiz
Becky Roeckers
Jeffrey Rogers
Clay Warren*
Tim Martin*
2017 Michael Bader
Michael Carter
Russell Still
2016 Mike Wagner
2014 Richard Collins*
Tom Eder*
Dan Florence*
Kelly Haller*
Warren Harris*
Charles Knowles*
Paul Pfannestiel*
Steve Rishel*
Jeff Rogers*
Becky Roeckers*
Rodney Simmonds*
Wanda White*
2013 Dave Harper
2012 Steve Kubler
Rod Philo
Mike Gilliland
2011 Joe Foster
Clay Randel
Dennis Ashcraft
Wayne Nelson*
Robert Hollon
Charlie Suchy
James Jones
Robert Lilly*
Nathan Miller
Jim Strunk*
Millie Reed
Tim Kurkowski
Curtis Norris
Donald Kirkpatrick
Stan Rinehart*
Larry Bard
Brian Snow
Carolyn Woodhead
Mark Estrada
2009 Rick Fischer
2007 Marvin Haid
Steve Gorszczyk
Duane Redenbaugh
2006 Jim Larkin
Carrie Milton
2005 David Schmidt
Jan Straub
2002 Robert Schartz
2001 Robert Mullin
2000 James Tush
1998 Bert Dechand, Jr.
Chet Darby
1997 Robert Elder
1996 Eddie Andrews
Don Sumner
1995 Sylvan Coles
1994 Terry Kirch
Mike Younger
Herbert Shulz, Jr.
1992 John King
1990 Phillip Hammond
Lauren Dinkel
Mike Degand, Jr.
Harold Doerffler
Bruce Fortner
1989 Don Daffron
Jack Kirkpatrick
Harold Miller
Ronald Brown
William Dailey
1988 Calvin Bryant
Newton Baker, Jr.
George O'Neil
1987 Doyle Webster
Robert Goebel
James Norris
Eugene Wards
John Carpenter
Walter Hundley
Max Rhodd
Ralph Wards
1986 Myron Cailteaux
Gilbert Long
Harry Zielke
William Goff
James Roberts
Murl McPherson
Leslie Parscal
Gerald Brunin
1985 Allan Kupsch
Richard Timberlake
1981 John Glidewell, Jr.
Don Vaughn
V.R. Lawrence


* Denotes those inducted into Kansas Quarter Century Operator Club only.