KWEA / WEF Life Members

To achieve life membership status in the Water Environment Federation (WEF), you must have been a dues-paying member of WEF for at least 35 years and be at least 65 years of age.

Besides the honor of being a member of a very select group, life members pay no federation dues and receive, without cost, all those publications of WEF received by the member class to which they belong.

KWEA Life Member Honorees

James Bell
Carl Burkhead
Joel Cerwick
John Coakley
Sylvan Coles
James Condon
Bob Crawford
J. Howard Duncan
Larry Erickson
Raul Filardi

Rod Geisler
John Glidewell
Ray Golly
JR Halloway
Arthur Hutt
Norman Jagels
Keith Krause
John Lastovica
Stuart Marshall
David Martin

James Martin
Ross McKinney
Dwight Metzler
Karl Mueldener
Walter O'Brien
Lynn Osborn
Richard Pedrotti
Steven Randtke
Thomas Robinson
Robert Roddy

Leonard Rodman
Aziz Samra
Edward Shaefer
Reza Shamskhorzani
Don Snethan
John Stukenberg
Lloyd Weller