hatfield award winner 2023 jeff graham2023 Hatfield Award Recipient – Jeff Graham

William D. Hatfield Award

The William D. Hatfield Award recognizes outstanding treatment plant operators. It was established by the Water Pollution Control Federation in 1946, and now honors each year exceptional operators of wastewater treatment works throughout the world.

This award is named appropriately for William D. Hatfield, 19th president of the WPCF and the long-time "operator" of the Decatur, Illinois, Sanitary District Wastewater Treatment Plant. The Kansas Water Environment Association may name an outstanding Kansas operator to be honored with this award every year.


  • Must be a member of the Water Environment Federation.
  • A successful system of reports from the operator to his or her superiors that fulfill the information requirements and provide the operator with a forum for suggestions for improvements.
  • Use of a good public relations program. The nominee should have contributed to the dissemination of information concerning advancements in the field.
  • The size of the membership dictates the frequency with which member associations are eligible to make nominations for the award. The Kansas Water Environment Association is eligible to give this award yearly.


Nominations are accepted from KWEA members. Members should submit a one-page biography of their selection and reasons why they feel the person is deserving of this prestigious award.


July 15

Past Recipients of This Prestigious Award

2023 Jeff Graham
2022 Michael Braden & Mike Turner
2021 Jamie Belden
2020 Scott Millholland
2019 Heather Phillips
2018 Gerald Grant
2017 Dustin Coles
2016 Richard Jones
2015 Brian Bradshaw
2014 Ed Bonham
2013 Charlie Suchy
2012 Jason Patty
2011 Clint Gregor
2010 Dave Kingman
2009 Joe Foster
2008 Jim Larkin
2007 Richard Cook
2006 Dave Harper
2005 Mike Wagner
2004 Mark Eisenbarth
2003 Eddie Andrews
2002 David Schmidt
2001 Ben Looney
2000 Steve Gorszczyk
1999 Randy Storrer
1998 Alice Ballard
1997 Steve Kubler
1996 Steve Leiker
1995 John Booton
1994 Wayne Nelson
1993 Jerry Davies
1992 Millie Reed
1991 John Gavin
1990 Bob Sample
1989 James Tush
1988 Bruce Fortner
1987 Michael Younger
1986 Raymond Stillwell
1985 Harry Zielke
1984 Max Rhodd
1983 Alan Shineman
1981 Thomas E. McMahon
1980 Duane Morgan
1978 Doyle Webster
1977 Myron Caliteaux
1975 James Bills
1972 Donald Vaughn
1969 Irl E. Wall, Jr.
1966 John Glidewell, Jr.
1964 Wilbur K. Moffatt
1961 Victor W. Pickering
1958 Lyle Cunningham