2020 & 2021 RENEWALS

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic impact on operator certification renewals the Kansas Department of Health and Environment (KDHE) has altered the process for renewals due in 2020 and 2021. (updated January 28, 2021)

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Certification Renewal & Renewal Requirements

Certification Renewal Request

Renewal requests are sent out by KWEA by July 15 of the year of the certificate expiration. If you have not received a request for renewal by then, please contact KWEA.

Certificate Holder Information

It is the responsibility of the certificate holder to assure that their contact information is current in the certification database so that renewal requests are sent to the right address. The user will be prompted for their user name and password information. If your contact information is not current, contact KWEA to submit updated information. Check back to review your updated contact information for correctness once you have received acknowledgement of its receipt by KWEA.

Certification Renewal Application

Download the pdfrenewal application.

Certification Renewal Fee

The renewal fee of $25.00 must accompany the renewal application.

Certification Issuance

Certificates are issued for a period of two years with an expiration date of September 1. A new certificate may be issued no less than 18 months and no more than 30 months depending on the date the certificate was granted in order to round to the September 1 date. Renewals are good for two years with an expiration of September 1 two years after issuance.

Continuing Education Requirements Present

A new certificate will not be issued until continuing education hours are completed and documentation received. Documentation of continuing education must contain course title, instructor or sponsoring agency, date of completion, and contact hours. KWEA requires that a certificate holder attains at least 10 hours of continuing education every two years. Five hours of the requirement can be met in-house with accompanying training documentation. The remainder must be sought through one of the training providers. Failure of a certified operator to meet these requirements or to furnish the required information may constitute grounds for refusal to renew.

Continuing Education Requirements Future

With the September 1, 2014 renewal, the requirement for continuing education will be increased to 24 hours for every two-year renewal period. Fourteen of these hours will be accepted from approved in-house training with accompanying documentation. View the exam resources and approved topics for more information.

Inactive Certificates

Certificates which have not been renewed within one year of the stated expiration date will be placed on the inactive list and considered lapsed. Individuals with certificates which have expired over one year but less than two years may request reinstatement of the lapsed certificate by submitting a renewal application and paying an additional $35 fee. Documentation of compliance with the continuing education requirement must accompany the renewal for each two year renewal cycle. The renewal date of the new certificate will be for two years from the date of the last certificate issued.

Expired Certificates

Certificates which have not been renewed for two years will be considered expired. Expired certificates will not be renewed and individuals seeking certification must apply as a new applicant and again pass the exam desired.

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