KWEA Executive Board

The Executive Board consists of the association president, president-elect, vice president, secretary-treasurer, the latest, living past president, federation director(s), PWO board representative, a trustee representing industry, a trustee representing operator training education, and a conference coordinator.

These officers are the governing body of KWEA and conduct the affairs of the association in accordance with the provisions of the pdfconstitution and bylaws. The executive board directs all business of the association between annual meetings.

Executive Board Members

2022 Board Meetings
February 11 10 a.m. Virtual Meeting
April 22 10 a.m. CAS Constructors
June 24 10 a.m. CAS Constructors
October 7 10 a.m. CAS Constructors


2021 Board Meetings
January 8 10 a.m. Virtual Meeting
February 12
10 a.m. Virtual Meeting
March 19 10 a.m. Virtual Meeting
April 23 10 a.m. Virtual Meeting
June 25 10 a.m. Virtual Meeting
August 13 10 a.m. Virtual Meeting
October 1 10 a.m. CAS Constructors
December 10 10 a.m. CAS Constructors