Flocculated Sludge Bug Society

The Flocculated Sludge Bug Society (FSBS), which was founded in 1991, honors those dedicated Flocculators who can flocculate those potential Kansas Water Environment folks whom are suffering is a dispersed state of floc. For the layman that means, these people are our star recruiters. As with Activated Sludge, there is a natural progression in the phenomena of flocculation starting January 1, 1991 and accumulating each year. New members and members who are evolving are recognized each year at the KWEA annual conference.

Free Swimmers (7+)
Steve Gorszczyk City of McPherson 7
Scott Craig Unified Government WYCO KCK 8
Michael Younger JCI 7
Millie Reed City of Hutchinson 8
Eddie Andrews City of Kansas City 9
Doug Cochran City of Olathe 7
James Danner Ray Lindsey Company 7
Joe Mester KDHE 8
Pat Flynn FSCC 9


Crawlers (10+)
Randall Osburn Wilson & Company 10
Jan Straub City of Clay center 11
Betsy Betros Johnson County Environmental 12
Rick Risher City of Salina 14


Stalked Ciliates (15+)
Joe Maris Ray Lindsey Company 15


Rotifers (20+)
Rebecca Gagnon City of Wichita 21
Jim Hufford City of Hutchinson 20
Jerry Davies City of Clay Center 21
Sylvan Coles City of Topeka 103