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Arthur Sidney Bedell Award

The Arthur Sidney Bedell Award was established to acknowledge extraordinary personal service to a member association. The award is named for Arthur Sidney Bedell, the second president of the federation who exemplified its purpose by his long devotion and service to the New York Sewage and Industrial Wastes Association, now the New York Environment Association. He was Chief of the Bureau of Sewage and Waste Disposal of the New York State Department of Health.

The award consists of a plaque suitably inscribed with the recipient's name and will be presented by a Water Environment Federation representative at the Kansas Water Environment Association annual conference.

Qualification for the award is based on organization leadership, administrative service, membership activity, stimulation of technical functions and may now be awarded every year to a member of the Kansas Water Environment Association.

A representative of the Water Environment Federation presents the award at Kansas Water Environment Associations' annual conference awards banquet.


  • Must be a member of the Water Environment Federation.
  • Organizational leadership, administrative service, membership activity, stimulation of technical functions, or similar participation.
  • The size of the membership dictates the frequency with which Member Associations are eligible to make nominations for the award. The Kansas Water Environment Association is eligible to give this award yearly.


Nominations are accepted from KWEA members. Members should submit a one-page biography of their selection and reasons why they feel the person is deserving of this prestigious award.

Please submit the nomination no later than September 30. The nomination is to be mailed or emailed to the Secretary-Treasurer of the Kansas Water Environment Association. The nominations will be reviewed and and a selection made by the KWEA Bedell Awards Selection Committee. The KWEA Bedell Awards Selection Committee will report its nominee to the KWEA Secretary-Treasurer by December 1 of the current year so that the nomination can be submitted to the WEF no later than four (4) months prior to the KWEA annual conference.

Submit Nominations to:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
City of Topeka
1115 NE Poplar St.
Topeka, KS 66616
Phone: (785) 215-2530

Selection Committee

The KWEA Bedell Selection Committee consists of the last three recipients of the award. The most senior of the last recipients is the chairperson of the committee.

Past Recipients of This Prestigious Award
2018 Susan Pekarek 1994 James Danner
2017 Kurt Bookout 1993 Betsy Betros
2016 Pat Flynn 1992 Sylvan Coles
2015 Jerry Grant 1991 Duane Morgan
2014 Joe Foster 1990 John McNitt
2013 Kathy Windham 1989 Tim Hobson
2012 Michael Rudy 1988 Lawrence Schmid
2011 Amy Kliewer 1987 James Martin
2010 John Metzler 1986 Edie Snethen
2009 Matt Bond 1985 John Wynkoop
2008 Martha Tasker 1984 Kari Mueldener
2007 Kim Dominic 1983 Lloyd W. Weller
2006 Jerry Vernon 1981 L. Dean Strowig
2005 Joe Maris 1980 Leland Durham
2004 Chris Burns 1978 John Bailey
2003 Steve Phillips 1977 M. Ray Golly
2002 Rebecca Gagnon 1975 Robert Crawford
2001 James Tush 1971 Paul Haney
2000 Joe Mester 1968 J. Howard Duncan
1999 Dick Pedrotti 1964 Dwight F. Metzler
1998 Herber Schultz, Sr. 1961 James F. Aiken
1997 Don Snethen 1958 Myron K. Nelson
1996 Millie Reed 1955 Leland Talbot
1995 Steve DeHart 1952 Roy Binder

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